(List) Why These 12 Great Parenting Ideas Are Awesome

Why these great parenting ideas are awesome

Why These 12 Great Parenting Ideas Are Awesome



Have Family Traditions

Traditions are what great families are made of! And in those traditions contain the seeds of some happy, and awesome life memories  for us and our kids!

Example: Cook Pancakes Once A Week-Make it a family affair


Spending Time With Kids

Doing activities and being a part of your kid's lives on a regular basis is the glue that keeps families together and helps to build a stronger family bond within.

The old saying spend more time with your kids than dollars is an adequate way to sum this up.

Time is valuable, I know, but the more you can spend it with your kids the better. Your kids are only young once!

Why these 12 Great Parenting Ideas Are Awesome



Avoid Your First Impulse When Kids Are Naughty


Those first few seconds can sometimes get the better of you! Hold back, count to 10, and calm down. It might not be worth raging over! Besides, how often do you end up regretting using angry words to relay your messages?  Once you have had some time to reflect upon it all those sorts of unruly misbehaving moments, might not have been so bad, and plus, it can be a great moment to teach…



Help Your Kids To Understand Their Emotions

Getting your kids to understand their feelings and how to control them can be a normal part of growing up. Understanding and showing empathy and guidance can help.

Children may not always do what we say, but they do watch you (even if you don't think they are paying attention to you) and they will do what you do.

Kids will learn how to regulate their emotions through us. If we stay calm, it teaches kids that there is no emergency. It can be said for most emotions.



Make Your Kids Knowledgeable

Little kids are curious about the world and are often like sponges. They love learning about the world around them.

Help to increase their knowledge. Read to them ,talk to them, get them thinking…


Why these great parenting ideas are awesome



Compliment Kids When Their Actions Are Good

This is a great way to reinforce what expectations you have of them, from learning good manners to helping around the house to building their values.

If you see your kids doing the kinds of actions and general good qualities that your family aspires to, make sure you let them you know how cool it is to see!


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Why These 12 Great Parenting Ideas Are Awesome


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  1. Jay Openshaw said:

    The best parenting idea is to first start your family with someone you know is going to be true to the commitment of family life.

  2. Lindsey Cheetham said:

    Not sure I agree, my daughter and I have a pretty fantastic time and it’s just been us for the majority of her life. It’s not necessarily worse parenting alone, just different. X

  3. Mike Flinn said:

    If most of the parents I counsel could hold back from a knee jerk response most of the time ( we’re all human !) that would make s huge difference .. Kids copy the behaviours of their parents so if parents shout the lesson is its ok to shout … If parents don’t listen or do I’m right your wrong so will the kids etc etc 🙂