When The Question Arises ‘Are They All Yours?’

When The Question Arises ‘Are They All Yours?'

“Are they all yours?” Is a question that is asked often enough, and if you have a lot of kids at your side, then you may find it all the more common.

One mom called Natalie who got a little tired of answering this question ‘are they all yours' when she was out with her children thought of a super cool idea.

She has since designed a bag that simply says

Yes, they are all mine' on it.



The bags can be bought online.

“Yes, they are all mine.” Natalie Lesnefsky designed the adorable cotton canvas tote to shut the haters up in style. She sells it on her Etsy store At Home With Natalie for $19.99.

To read more about Natalie and her designer bags you can read more from an excellent blog site called  scarymommy



Would you like a bag like this??

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