(Videos) Two Awesome Chocolate Mousse Recipes

(Videos) Two Awesome Chocolate Mousse Recipes

How easy can it be to make a Chocolate Mousse? Too easy! Here are two awesome chocolate mousse recipes…

Did you know that the first ever written record of chocolate mousse in the United States came from a Food Exposition held at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 1892.

In 1897 the Boston Globe published one of the first ever recipes for chocolate mousse. The recipe was originally a chocolate pudding-type dish, instead of today's stiff, but fluffy, mousse. Of course with the advent of the electric mixers, the light foaming process became much easier to make.

There are many variations of the chocolate mousse today, and some people add their own flavorings, and toppings making it as delectable as ever!

Typically these are the main ingredients chocolate, egg whites, and sugar.

Though many people have their own ideas when it comes to adding flavorings as well as toppings, and some even add cream, butter and/or egg yolks to the mix.

With that in mind, as with any Chocolate Mousse recipe, the secret for making a really awesome chocolate mousse is by using the very best chocolate you can. Your mousse is only as good as your chocolate.

chocolate mousse from Standard Hotel (NYC)

Watch these two awesome videos for two great Chocolate Mousse Recipes!

The first video is of entertaining Sarah Carey (Everyday Food) who shows us a great way to make a totally delectable dessert…and so easy to make!

1.The Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse


The second video is an old classic with sophisticated Nigella Lawson from Britain, who shows us exactly how to make an express chocolate mousse in five minutes, using a shortcut ingredient and without any eggs!

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(Videos) Two Awesome Chocolate Mousse Recipes


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