(Video) Why This Mom Put Soap In Her Son’s Mouth

(Video) Why This Mom Put Soap In Her Son's Mouth


I loved some of the stories from Supernanny but this video clip of a mom using soap as a form of punishment was just unbelievable…

I remember my parents telling me that this kind of punishment was used at their school (many, many moons ago)…but is it really okay to use today as a technique to get kids to behave?

This was probably one of the more highly charged moments between her and super nanny where the tension ran high.


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  1. Leanne Spots Gillett said:

    I would t put soap in my kids mouths I thinks it’s form of child abuse silly cow on that image looking smugg id make her eat the who dam thing hate parents that hit kids and puts soap in their mouth they need disaplin messed up parents all I can say that’s not going to make the kid grow up a better person of not make them grow up messed up sit down to there level tell them of or ground them is fine but that no

  2. Danielle Labbe said:

    Thats such bad parenting i would never think to put soap in my daughters mouth i wouldnt like it done so why would i do it to her theres other ways for doing that

  3. Carissa Renee said:

    My mom did it to me as a child… She put me in the counter put liquid soap in my mouth and came back and I was blowing bubbles lol it didn’t work its not a bad thing for all the people who are like no so much harm bla bla in the soap but yet you wash your dishes in them your body your clothes ??

  4. Taylor Cabaniss said:

    I don’t see a problem with it. This has always been a tactic in getting kids to behave. I can say I don’t agree with EATING liquid soap but maybe them putting a bar of soap in their mouth for 30 seconds and washing it out I don’t see a problem. But for the nanny to say she doesn’t love her child I think she was very wrong and the mother had every right to be at her for even trying to suggest that.

  5. Natasha Greenfield said:

    Might not harm him or kill him but it’s still abuse, if she was an old lady in their child’s care when she is older and he did that to her it would be looked at as different because she was helpless! So why is it okay to stick this in their mouth?? Wash your mouth out, I get the expression, but if this is what you have to revert to to get your child to do as their told you clearly aren’t doing parenting right… Sorry asked my opinion, you’ve got it!!! Wrong on more than one level

  6. Katiee Wright said:

    You know its not good parenting when supernanny looks at you shocked and questions it lol . My mother use to threaten us with a belt never touched us with it as the fear of the thought of it made you tell the truth

  7. Cora Bradford said:

    Oh lord this is clearly not child abuse so tired of ppl thinking they can judge other ppl and their parenting!!! I use to get soap in my mouth and I use to get spanked if I acted up or was disrespectful, I’m old school and I will do whatever it takes as long as it’s not abusive to teach my kids to be respectful and grow up as productive young ladies and gentlemen !!

  8. Sydney Louise Swanson said:

    I got a bite of Irish spring whenever I cursed at my parents and yes it taught me to respect my parents. I personally try many other things before getting to that point but I think it depends a lot on age. My kids are to young to understand why, however kids the age of the boy on this video are most certainly old enough to understand why they’re being punished and grasp the concept of “every action has its consequences.” I don’t judge others on parenting unless it’s actually a physical or detrimental threat to their kids. I still sleep fine at night even though this was my punishment as a child.

  9. Desiree Bump Luna said:

    My parents did this to me. I also got popped in the mouth for talking back or cursing and a spank in the butt when in trouble. I do the same to my kids. Haven’t had to use soap being my oldest is 2 but I will if I feel the need to. We didn’t die, my parents didn’t die from it. It’s not a huge deal. Some parents have a way to discipline and others don’t do that. It’s something that is really gross and made us think twice about cussing or talking back because it was soap or a pop on the mouth. I still to this day don’t feel right cussing around my dad because I learned at a young age with this punishment. And for those who think it’s poison…1) there’s non toxic soap and 2) half the crap that you give your kids to eat daily is poison so why do you think this is bad parenting?

  10. Desiree Bump Luna said:

    ^I agree. And as a kid my mom cursed like a sailor and I knew better not to curse. I cursed twice as a kid. Once I got a pop on the mouth and the other time I got soap. I never cursed again around my parents and still to this day dont. Cursing is everywhere around us so even if you don’t cuse, don’t lie or what have you it’s all around. You can’t just avoid it but instead you can teach that it’s not ok. And many times this means a form of punishment. If you don’t like how others parent it’s not your place to say it’s right or wrong. I can just about bet anything that there are many things you do with your kids that I wouldn’t do with mine. And that goes for everyone.

  11. Tasha Khold Hearted Mansberry said:

    To each their own i guess. I just know i will never do that to my child my mom did it to me as a child n it fucked my taste buds up for a week after it got gone i couldnt taste anything but soap n i always puked it up

  12. Brooke Alumbaugh said:

    My mom has used soap on all of us children. It’s gross for sure but it works. I say amen to people who actually still parent and discipline their children.

  13. Beth N Ryan said:

    Using soap is NOT proper parenting….soap is not meant to be put in the mouth… teach your kids correctly and you won’t have to use these awful alternatives. My son will never get soap in his mouth.

  14. Kelly Mcginty said:

    How’s about sitting down and chatting with your child about do’s and don’s and treating your child like the person that he is. Putting soap in the mouth is just extreme, and wheres he heard the language anyway? And is someone going to put soap in mums mouth everytime she swears?

  15. Lindsay Campbell said:

    I got soap in my mouth every time I said some .. adult words.. i eventually got used to the bar of soap and was a smart$#%&!@*with it and openly mocking them by licking it like a lollipop.. so my parents then tried dish soap. I got used to that too so they switched to tobasco sauce, hot sauce, pretty much everything. The one thing they realized worked is they got me to lick pepper off their finger. That made me learn. No parent is perfect and everyone gives their child a punishment differently. People are complaining about soap ? It’s non toxic. Try the people who beat their children for punishment. Those parents are the bad ones. Not the ones who use some soap. Smh

  16. Charlette Davies said:

    I had soap in my mouth as a child everytime I said a swore .. And I’m still alive .. This nanny is taking it over the top. Don’t see nothing wrong with it.

  17. Lauren Bellanga said:

    This is plain wrong!!! Im 29 and still resent my parents for it. I would never dream of putting soap in my son’s mouth. There are better ways of handling it than this.

  18. Ashley Walker said:

    My best friend found out his father did this to his daughter just b.c she had a red day at school for talking too much. He went off on him and said next time you put soap in my child’s mouth, I’ll shove a bar of soap down your throat. I’m against it too. I think it’s disgusting and completely useless as a punishment. I’d rather give them time out or a small swat on the butt

  19. Natasha Greenfield said:

    It’s just completely unnecessary!! It’s a form of bullying and child abuse!… An adult wouldn’t allow that on themselves as a punishment from someone who thought they shouldn’t do something so why should a child?, just because they can’t speak up for themselves properly! Anyone who disagrees is a bully, no matter how they try to justify it x

  20. Sarah Sanchez said:

    The only thing that’s wrong with this is the kids will get diarrhea!! But whatever works works each kid is different I personally would use a hot pepper

  21. Amber Fontenot said:

    What works for some children don’t necessarily work for others. I was the most stubborn hard headed child on the face of the planet. I always had to have the last word. I challenged her on a daily basis. My mother didn’t talk like that. She never raised me to talk like or to act the way I did. Sitting down and talking to me never worked. Whipping me never worked. I did what I wanted regardless. not because she was parenting wrong but because I was a seriously stubborn child. There are only two things that she ever did that worked on me. 1, i was 7, She used soap on me for cursing at her and I never cursed at her again. 2. I was 16 and was relentlessly arguing with her, she caught me with a metal spoon, It was the only time she ever left bruises, but the arguing lessened tremendously afterwards. I’m not damaged because of how she disciplined me. If anything, I respect her more and I understand that there are consequences to my actions. Lord knows I’d have been alot worse than I was if she didn’t do what she’d done.

  22. Kara Maslin said:

    Wouldn’t do this to my child at all , it’s completely wrong , and those of you posting about his earring , he could’ve asked to have it done

  23. Gabrielle Gnorski said:

    I said a bad word as a kid and i got a bar of soap in my mouth one time and thats all it took. I dont feel its a bad thing. I dont think ill use liquid soap on my kids, probley stick with a bar of soap since it will be less ingested but i dont feel it was wrong to the extent this lady is taking it. All adults my age mostlikely have had soap in the mouth and we had respect for our parents.

  24. Jamie Monroe said:

    I think this is disgusting. That’s a bunch of chemicals. I would never do this to my children. There are other things that taste nasty that you can put in your child’s mouth.

  25. Jennifer Mishler said:

    When I was a kid people did it all the time and I’m 33 now but her children need alot if work cause the purpose is for the filthy language to stop not just stop at the moment and continue to put soap in there mouths daily

  26. Nicole May said:

    my parents did this to me… It seemed to work. However I do not believe in this form of punishment. My son is 5 and he has sworn a few times, all with appropriate consequences. It too works. Although he may have sworn more than I did, he no longer swears. My daughter only once or twice. We go with the respect method that words like that are not meant to be used by child and adults alike. We do apologize if we swear in front of them. Proper respect is earned both ways. I am a parent, not their friend. However, I choose to avoid physical punishment methods. Consequences do not have to be physical.

  27. Nicole May said:

    Oh and, to top it off, maybe if mom wa ssupervising her kids the kid wouldnt have lied bc mom would be there to adress the ball over frnce

  28. Amber Taylor said:

    I totally agree with the mom here. My stepmother and my father would make me and my siblings take a bite….litteraly a bite out of a bar of soap chew it up and swallow it if we lied, talked back , was disrespectful, or failed to do r daily chores. More so than none though was if we lied or talked back to r parents.

  29. Carrie Cheree said:

    My mom put soap in my mouth everytime I called my sister a name or we told eachother to shut up… Today, I dont talk down to people. Lesson learned. Did me good.

  30. Sonya Rodriguez said:

    I used it on my kids and nieces and nephew’s and I got it used on me. And we all made it. Now a days you can’t do anything to your child without someone having something to say about it

  31. Medeana Altararwah said:

    If i cussed when was young a few licks of the lever bar was the cost of potty mouth. Also back talking or just being rude i would get that soap. I had to pick up the bar myself and give myself 3 good swipes on th tongue with it. Im alive it taught me a lesson. People sayin oh thats toxic well let me ask you this do you all your kid to have mountain Dew? Thats more toxic than a bar of dial. Mountain Dew has go bromated vegetable oil. They mix bromine with vegetable oil to stop chemical reaction so oil wont separate from the liquid. In case yo didn’t know bromine is a halogen also a bleach agent. It can cause infertility and other health problems.. So before you say soap i toxic if your kids drinking the dew remember its ten time more toxic.

  32. Angela Carter-begbie said:

    Lol—you ask a child or talk to a child, they go out of their way to do the opposite.. Not all bad language come from parent. Their is a thing calling, play group, nursery & Sch…

  33. Kelly Mcginty said:

    So you think that a child should learn how not to use bad language by having soap put in their mouth? My god kids don’t stand a chance these days. What a fantastic example to set them!!! Talk about mental abuse, it’s disgusting and I stand by my fact that there are other ways and means to teach a child right from wrong.

  34. Josie Gorwill said:

    Whether the child misbehavoured or not two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead if using soap she should have sat down with him and had a mother and son talk

  35. Kirya Vazquez said:

    I got soap in my mouth as a kid and I have done it to mine. I would rather have respectful children then brats, a bit of soap is better then half the$#%&!@*people give kids nowadays. Grow a pair people

  36. Stacey Mary said:

    My daughter swore, I laughed nonstop and we had a little sit down and discussed swearing, respect, and so on.
    She doesn’t swear anymore.
    She will come and tell me “mommy I wanted to swear but I won’t” I’ll ask what the first letter was Of what she wanted to say. She will tell me and I’ll laugh “yeah sometimes it feels good to let that out when your frustrated” and she won’t say it. We just explore why she wants to swear, what it does for her and alternative methods to achieve what she wanted….

  37. Meaghan Cahill-Dunn said:

    Disgusting and stupid. Sadistic actually. Wooden spoons, switches, soap. All disgusting. I was talked to as a child so we’re my brothers. We’re well adjusted social kind loving people who are incredibly close to our parents. We’ve never touched drugs, did well in school and careers and our productive members of society. This is twisted.

  38. Taylor Hyatt Givens said:

    Omg people. I got soap in my mouth and of the bar soap didn work I got liquid. I’m 23 and have no issues with my parents because of it and I have respect for others. Stop being drama queens.

  39. Bobbie Hunter said:

    Washing their mouth out with soap obviously doesn’t work if it needs to be repeated over & over again! If it was a working punishment, you’d only need to do it once! Ridiculous!

  40. Shannon Murphy said:

    Yeah, let’s let our kids fear us the rest of our lives. Just because your shitty parents abused you doesn’t mean you should let history repeat itself. “I swallowed soap all the time and I’m fine” ha. Keep telling yourselves that. Stop abusing your fucking kids. Shouldn’t hit them, ever, either. Its not 1800 anymore, k? There are a slew of techniques to raising your children. Read a book

  41. Bree White said:

    There are worse things being done to children than putting soap in their mouths. It’s soap. Id rather get soap on my tongue than get slapped. Yes, parents should sit down with their children and discuss the issue at hand, rather than use a physical method. But, come on… Are you really going to label it as “abuse” ??? I wouldn’t personally use this as a diciplinary action, but if they are not physically using violence to prevent a child from using inappropriate words, or back talking or even lying, why does it matter? As for the ” keep telling yourself that” remark, I will. I got soap as a kid, and it literally has no affect on me. Stopped me from being a spoiled kid!! That’s for sure. But literally did no damage… Just like getting soap in your mouth while showering, it washes out.

  42. Shannon Murphy said:

    Yeah, it is absolutely abusive. Your gonna sit there and tell me it “stopped you from being spoiled?” Give me a break. Ever think your kid is just going through a phase? Kids do that, you know. No need to nearly poision them. And yeah when it comes to abuse I do judge.

  43. Shannon Murphy said:

    In fact, when I look at the headlining picture to this, I become instantly infuriated. Personally, that sadistic woman should be in jail. Sorry not sorry. I’m done discussing it, too.

  44. Bree White said:

    Oh Lordy.. You’re one of “those” parents… There is literally no point in even trying here… There is no “discussing” it’s you thinking your opinion is correct. Bye now.

  45. Lori Slavinsky said:

    Shannon Murphy you’re so right. I’m glad I’m not alone on this. It’s abuse for sure! Now if CYS finds out, you lose your kids for using soap as a punishment. A few kids have died from ingesting soap.

  46. Shannon Murphy said:

    God, is it true? Someone with brains and morals? You’ve truly made my night. Your kids are lucky.. And if you don’t have any, you’ll be a darned good parent.

  47. Shannon Nicole LeVine said:

    that is so unhealthy. like everyone’s all like oh it was just a little. think of how many times that mom’s done that. kid could’ve ingested a woke bottle of soap right now. think of the effect that could have on his body.
    better ways to go about things than poisoning your kid.

  48. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    My kids get it for lying.. I give them a chance to tell the truth.. if they don’t.. soap in the mouth.. I don’t out much bc I have heard that if they swallow it.. can make them really sick.. one of my kids has tummy issues to begin with so I put a little dab on. And smear it on the tongue.. then wash it off after (which is worse than just having it on the tongue) I have done this twice to each of my kids and they don’t lie anymore.must work but only if done right!

  49. Liz Darst said:

    I put ‘yucky baby food’ in my kids mouth. I felt green beans and carrots are a much healthier way to do the same thing. My kids will not say a bad word cause they know I will give them a bite of yucky baby food. Lol, I have 3 kids 5, 3 and 1. I haven’t had to do it to my 1 year old yet, but I’m sure her day will come. =)

  50. Jai Fontaine Stokes said:

    My mum threatened us all with it, with my brothers she did manage to pin one down and pretend to do it, as she didn’t actually want to because of bad memories of her childhood and accidentally dropped a bit in his mouth we were in hysterics as he said it tastes nice (just to be better obviously)

  51. Emma Tregidgo said:

    My thoughts exactly! I saw a comment above saying putting pepper in the child’s mouth (not sure if ground pepper or the vegetable or even if a chilli pepper) but I think a sprinkle/slice of that is enough and not gunna harm in the long run.. I think people think soap is okay because it was the treatment they were given and “it didn’t harm them” not an excuse.. If you want to discipline your children do it safely!!

  52. Emma Tregidgo said:

    If your child already has known stomach issues then you shouldn’t be doing it at all!! No excuses! How about you use something else foul tasting like Kale? At least then you’re not poisoning your child slowly with nasty chemicals!

  53. Lee Chavez said:

    Everyone parent the way u wish to not everything works one every kid there all different there is no right or wrong parenting there’s only parenting so whatever works works and there is a fine line between. Abuse and disapline sometimes words don’t work with stuborn children. Sometimes u need a good kick in the$#%&!@*to set u straight I know I did and I’m thankful my parents did it and I’m a strict parent too I found a good balance between. Communication and other forms of punishment so don’t be discouraged to parent the way u feel is right u run Your home no one else

  54. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Well if they aren’t swallowing it, what’s the big deal??? I know how to parent and my kids are very well behaved and probably better behaved than most kids that walk this damn earth. I got my mouth washed out with soap and I turned out just fine. How it is any different than if they wash their hands and then put them in their mouth. Or when parents use hand sanitizer on their kids hands and then they put them in their mouth (exact reason why I don’t use hand sanitizer on my kids when they were young)

    I think also the fact that my doctor knows that I have done this and doesn’t have a problem with it.. should speak enough for itself.. maybe you should go attend to your own damn kids before hounding me about mine. They are perfectly fine and there is NOTHING wrong with mouth washing as long as you KNOW how to do it right. #idiotsoftheworld
    Elton Sherwood Mindy Emerson

  55. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    At this point, I hope you don’t respond back.. you parent the way you want to and I will do the same. I bet our kids grow up the same and have the same manners and respect for others.. there is such a thing called difference of opinions.. there ARE more then one way to do things in this world.. one of which, called parenting.

  56. Kelly Campbell said:

    If you done it twice to each of ur kids them obviously it didn’t work or you would only need to do it once!! Plus you had soap in your mouth as a kid and you turned out fine? If you’re doing these abusive things to your kids and think it’s acceptable then you haven’t turned out fine.

  57. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Just your opinion. You don’t know me or my life or anything about me.. so your opinions of me or my kids have no effect on me. I also got my$#%&!@*whooped for misbehaving growing up, in which I spank my kids too. Better go turn me in to the authorities. Child abuse 101. Your kids are probably the ones screaming and throwing fits In the store… where mine are well behaved and know how to behave. They don’t talk back to me. And yes I have had to do it nore than once.. have your kids lied to you.. how many times.. how have you dealt with it.. I bet you have had to do it more once.. so don’t come at me.. when you are NOT perfect yourself.. seriously… idiots is all we are dealing with here. Just agree to disagree with me.. I do it my way. you do it yours.. I am bashing you on how you do it. So don’t bash me on my ways. I bet you are christian too. What they do best. Judging others.. isn’t that a sin.. hmm.

  58. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    The ladies on this post are the EXACT reason of what’s wrong with this world. Ladies bashing others to make themselves look good where instead we should all support one another. Because omg there might be more than one way to parent are kids. Geez let’s get it together. Instead of bashing why don’t we try lifting support to one another.. isn’t the idea here to raise our kids to be respectful, have manners, and well behaved??? I do my way, you do it yours.. there is NO manual on how to be a parent.. there is NO right or wrong way. You have your opinions as I have mine. #GETOVERIT I have done that in the past.. yes.. but it has also been 4 years since I have.. and I now have a different technique for dealing with bad bahavior.. lying included.. I’m not saying I’m perfect but yes I have done mouth washing and don’t see the problem with it. If it resorts to that then it does..
    All it is, is your opinion vs mine.. I know a friend of mine who uses a wooden spoon to spank with and hot sauce for lying.. I would never do neither of those bc I can’t bring myself to it.. that to me is more harsh than soap in the mouth for ten seconds.. like I said before get a life and get over yourself.

  59. Mandy George said:

    I hope someone local to you reports you to child services and they take those poor babies away from you. You are a horrid abusive woman!

  60. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    I hope so too.. bc I won’t get them taken away.. I am a damn good parent and everyone in this town would agree. Want to report me.. I live in el dorado kansas.. do it.. make my day. My DOCTOR knows I mouth wash and he is the onw who told me how to do it safely.. so #GETALIFE

  61. Kelly Campbell said:

    Wow I can’t help but laugh at the irony! You’re complaining that ladies are bashing others when you’re the one who just went a little crazy and started bashing and judging and throwing accusations. I’m the totally opposite of Christian too, Jesus was an alien! Lol

  62. Mandy George said:

    I’ll also be reporting your Dr then, needs struck off.
    A damn good parent does not put poison in their childs body to make a point. Maybe there is a reason they are lying, ever thought of that? Lying is a necessary skill children have to learn to live in society.

  63. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Just fyi.. I never bashed any of you for your parenting.. you have your way, whether it works or not I wouldn’t know since I don’t know you, and I have mine. Leave it at that.

  64. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Yep and the “soap” I use is organic.. safe to digest.. and I spent quite a bit of money on it to have for quite the occasion. So keep talking.. blah blah blah is all I hear. Nothing wrong with what I do.

  65. Kelly Campbell said:

    I think you need to take a step back and realise what’s actually important when bringing up children. Teaching a child not to be ashamed and come forward when they need to confess and make them feel able and safe to do so will eliminate the need to lie. Is kids having a temper tantrum really that bad? A child who is struggling to express theirselves and control emotions isn’t a bad child. I certainly wouldn’t punish my child for these things, if they’re lying then that’s because I failed as a parent, that they didn’t feel safe enough to tell me the truth.

  66. Mandy George said:

    Wow you put yourself out of pocket to abuse your children. You might want to stop posting all this on a public forum.
    #oversharing #throwthebook #diggingyourselfadeeperhole #fearisnotrespect

  67. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    I agree completely with you Kelly Campbell in that last comment. And I do just that. I realize kids have bad days just like we do and that are human. But we do need to correct them and let them know it isn’t ok.. I haven’t done soap in over 4 years. like I said in a previous post.. I do other forms of discipline. If you are going to sit there and say you never discipline your kids.. then that is what you do.. not me. I have a different way of parenting and nothing you say will change that. We are to be parents to our kids not just a friend to them.

  68. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    My kids don’t fear me. In fact my kids tell their friends I am their best friend. Just like my mom was mine. The best thing you can do as a friend for them is to be a parent to them.

  69. Mandy George said:

    Discipline means to teach, I accept my children will make mistakes. I allow for age appropriate behaviour then use any incidences as a moment to help them learn. EG my toddler bites me, I don’t bite him back I teach him that teeth are for eating not for biting. My 10yo back chats I don’t ground or hit her, I explain that I treat her with respect and I deserve the same back. My 7yo breaks his toy, I don’t smack him for doing wrong, we talk about why he broke it (there’s always a reason) then show him how much it cost and that to replace it I might not be able to buy something else.
    I don’t expect respect, I give it and it comes back to me. I am their parent and their friend, the 2 aren’t mutually exclusive. I certainly wouldn’t abuse them or force them to ingest poison to “teach” them a lesson.

  70. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Well I don’t use poison per say.. and I don’t abuse my kids. End of discussion. I respect tmyour way of parenting and it may work for you. I use my way bc it works for me. I don’t smack my kids. I very rarely have to reaort to spanking. I talk to my kids as well and do the same as you.. most of the time. Sometimes I need to do more. That’s my right as a parent. If I was abusing my kids I would have been turned in by now. Both of my kids are in school and bc of health issues see a dr weekly.. so if they were abused, they wouldn’t be with me. Period.

  71. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Imagine that- in the end we both have the SAME parenting views and techinques.. just gone about a little defferently. In the end. Our kids grow uo the same and have the same mindset.. just came to the conclusion a little differently. I am not here to agrue. In respect each and every one of you and your way of parenting. Like I have said multiple times. You have your way and I have mine.

  72. Mindy Emerson said:

    I had my mouth washed out as a kid. Yeah it was nasty but I didn’t curse after that. All mom’s are different. Calling srs on Janette is real mature of you. Please call them. Do it. Grow up! You’re what’s wrong with society. You are brainwashed by the government on how to NOT raise a child. I may personally not mouth wash, but I know several mom’s who do. I also know foster parents that do so, yeah go ahead! Kids are kids. It’s up to we as parents to teach them right from wrong. No one has the same ideas and parenting techniques and that’s fine. Don’t judge others because you don’t believe in something. I don’t believe in circumsision. Am I a bad mom because it’s against my religion to circumsize my infant son? Hmm?please tell me I am because I have things that I won’t leave unsaid on here.

  73. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Thank you!! This is exactly what I mean. There are different cultures, religions, etc etc etc that make parenting what it is. Just bc you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it isn’t right. It is what it is. #nowontobetterthingsinlife

  74. Mindy Emerson said:

    People are the world’s worst enemy. There’s deadbeat moms and dads out there killing their children, shaking them til their tiny skulls are fractured, stomping on them, kicking them, scalding them, and this person wants to turn you in for mouth washing? She’s brainwashed. That’s all there is to it. Her child/children must have been born with instructions on their back?! I’ve been down the road of having foster kids on top of my three kids. I’m not perfect but using SRS as a way to get to someone because they apparently have nothing else to do or are such worthless objects in the world that they harm others because they don’t believe in something. Do you believe in paddling? Do you believe in sticking noses in the corner? How about this one, TAKING THE DAMN VIDEO GAMES AWAY?

  75. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    Hahaha yep here let me #addfueltothisfire my kids better be scared that if they don’t behave they gonna get a trip to the bathroom for a spanking. #childtrainingatitsfinest and I will tell them just that. If they start misbehaving in public, I whisper in their ear if they need a trip to the bathroom.. you bet your$#%&!@*they straighten up real quick.. and trust me it’s not abuse. A couple swats to the butt sure make for good kids, huh Mindy?!???

  76. Janette Fox Sherwood said:

    And btw it all stems from home. Very rarely do I need to get on my kids out in public bc I teach them at home how to behave. Consistency is the key here. Have any of you ever read a parenting book.. that’s where I grt MOST of my parenting techniques bc there are studies showing it is effective. #imaginethat

  77. Neegann Meekis said:

    Lmao omg these dumb ladies. Everyone has different parenting skills. So don’t be judging Janette. If I cursed a lot I bet my mother would have put soap in my mouth too. Other kids have been through worse. Where they would be beaten or thrown around. So ladies calm your$#%&!@*:)

  78. Dwärfii Al Eliza Färha said:

    The. F it’s in the mouth and is a cleaning product should be enough the fact the lie may be because you may have over reacted to when they may have told the truth maybe better parenting could change things

  79. Zara Morgan said:

    Did it to mine and I had it done. They learned to keep their language clean then. Oh and no blindness in me or the 5 of them. Children in this country could do with a hell of a lot more discipline if you ask me.

  80. Zara Morgan said:

    Absolutely lol. The amount Thomas uses when he manages to sneak some in is nigh on the whole bottle of body wash and bubble bath haha x

  81. Sian Michelle Trotter said:

    Some parents are too lazy to teach there kids the difference between right and wrong, instead they use a fear tac-tic. This is lazy parenting, but lazy parents will defend lazy parents! Totally agree with Shannon

  82. Karen Anglin said:

    Kids need more parents who take up time with them, I’m not saying she is right or wrong people have different view points I do agree she should have tried a different approach. You should sit them down and talk to them and direct them to the Bible. Don’t say don’t swear teach them why they shouldn’t kids are mirrors. You have to set an example for them and create the environment so they understand that it isn’t okay.

  83. Stevie Beecher said:

    My mum brushed my teeth with soap just coz I used the word vagina! My brother had a belt put across him bum! Iv had wooden spoons broken on me!

  84. Angela Chilton said:

    Shitty parents? My God you are so rude it sounds like you need soap in your mouth! I had soap once and my parents were not shitty, they were bloody good parents and I am grateful for my good upbringing.

  85. Shannon Murphy said:

    The longer your paragraph is, the more I laugh at these abusive parents. It shouldn’t take that much explaining to relay your point and if it does, your probably wrong. SO very sad people repeat the horrors inflicted on them as a child. I would never do half the$#%&!@*to my kids my parents did to me. Sure as$#%&!@*doesn’t make it right. Outdated and sadistic though.

  86. Paul Vanessa Wormlight said:

    Only way to get poisen is if you give the child a lot. Not from just a tiny bit on the tongue. Oh lord help us all because its not abuse. Ha funny my mother gets told to wash her kids mouth out with soap even to this day and they are 15 and 13. But omg CPS will take them away. Let them try because there’s far worse things.

  87. Shannon Murphy said:

    Sounds like some crazy personal story you’ve crafted to justify this sick behavior. Agree to disagree! The “level” of the nutty$#%&!@*parents do to their kids is irrelevant here. They are all innocent.

  88. Jenny Clark said:

    Horrendous. The only thing this teaches children is to put things in their mouths which they shouldn’t! Completely punitive and counter productive.

  89. Kayla Spencer said:

    Ha some kids need more then a time out and a talking to. My mom rarely did the soap or spanking, but when she did i learned my lesson REAL QUICK. I know somebody whose child has been attacking everybody for months. Biting, hitting, punching, growling, hair pulling! They tried time outs and talks and none of it worked. Sarted spanking him and within a month his violence stopped. All kids are different, some learn by time outs, toys being taken away, or having a talk. Thennn their is kids like how i was. Who learn from hard things like spankins. No need to judge other parents. I dont see any ody telling you your gunna raise a spoiled brat who wont respect anybody.

  90. Shauna Faye Broughton said:

    Lol the ones saying this is bad parenting or horrible probably have a house full of kids runnin a muck, disrespecting, acting like lil assholes! Or…or they don’t have kids and really have no idea when they do have kids what they are in for! Soap in my mouth taught me a life lesson, think before you speak. And a good ole fashioned$#%&!@*bustin made me respect my parents and others around me!! But there is always going to be that$#%&!@*that doesn’t agree with your parenting and all I have to say to that is….unless my children are bruised up and bleeding to death stay the hell out of my business! And if they keep runnin their mouth I have a right hook that’ll shut them up!! That is all, have a day that you deserve!!!

  91. Shauna Faye Broughton said:

    First off ma’am I didn’t say my way was the only way. I know plenty of parents that don’t have to discipline their children because they are just good kids. Secondly… I also know plenty of parents that let their children rule the roost and don’t discipline them at all and they do act like lil assholes. And third, ma’am…I tried my momma ..only a couple of times and got these exact punishments, it did not make me hate my mother nor did it make me disrespect her. It made me a better person in the long run. These ways are not the only way. Im simply stating that sometimes children push you to the point that a timeout, in the corner with a bottle of water with glitter in it does not and will not work, so a little more has to be done.So there for, like you said…it is an opinion. It is my right to speak my opinion. I am not made to sugar coat anything. When your child looks at you and tells you to$#%&!@*off because they heard their friend say it.. And they know it is wrong because you have had that talk with them, because they said it once before…what would you rather be done…a smack in the mouth or a lil soap on the tongue for a few minutes? Now to beat your child till they are bleeding or bruised I definitely do not agree with.. Tho a smack on the$#%&!@*or soap in the mouth isn’t the worst kind of discipline. I have seen much worse.

  92. Carissa Renee said:

    You know what sucks my daughter likes the taste of soap she is always trying to eat her wash rag lol doesn’t care its covered is soap or her wipes lol so soap is out the question for me

  93. Carissa Renee said:

    My mom put soap in my mouth for cussing let me in a room came back and I was blowing bubbles lol it didn’t work I don’t see how soap can harm your child you wash your dishes in the same soap you think it all comes off with water…. U take a shower with soap Your clothes are washed in soap

  94. Christina Brown said:

    I would never do this to my children. I have a son that’s almost 20, one that’s 15 and one that was 10 and they are all good boys. They are respectful, they don’t get in trouble at school and they certainly don’t swear in front of me. I’m 37 years old and I don’t swear in front of my folks and they didn’t put soap in my mouth to teach me that. You can raise great kids without “whoopings and soap”. All I have to do is change the tone in my voice. heir dad doesn’t even have to raise his voice. Teach them to respect you at a young age and be super consistent with rules and they do good.

  95. Paula Zoe Tipper said:

    Sounds like an induction programme to get them onto harsher chemicals…..how many products are in the bathroom that could potentially poison a child. As Carissa said…her child likes the taste of soap so what else they gonna try when moms not looking !!!

  96. Jennifer Lynn said:

    People are sad. Really. Just soap companies didn’t make non toxic soap so parents could continue to administer a disgusting, disturbing punishment, they did it so that young children would not be harmed if they happened to swallow some. It doesn’t matter if the particular brand you buy isn’t poisonous, it’s still horribly unfair and wrong for the child. What if it was legal and normal for employers to do this to employees who swore or showed disrespect on the job? Would you let your boss wash your mouth out with soap? Your husband/wife/partner when your children catch you lying or swearing? If you wouldn’t be willing to endure the punishment yourself, don’t force it upon your children. That’s seriously just so wrong, being a parent shouldn’t mean always getting to take advantage and having that ‘because I’m big and you’re little, I’m right and you’re wrong’ attitude towards the life you created.

  97. Breanne Christian said:

    Kids are still doing bad things. No matter how they are raised. Not everything works on every kid. It’s not lazy. If a kid needs a whooping or their mouth washed out to get them to stop, then so be it. More kids need more authority. They need to be taught to listen

  98. Heidi Wilcox said:

    I had it done with me Lol but I haven’t done it with my kids. Not because they haven’t said a swear word. They have but we told them that’s a bad word kids don’t say that. They listen… So it isnt something that needs further action. And we don’t swear much around them for them to pick up on much anyway. But If they ever thought they could defy me and do it anyway I’d use it… Yep. I also have no problems poppin mouths either. But we talk first.

  99. Rachel Icanfeelthe Beet said:

    Saying you’d right hook your kid is beating them. That’s not just a smack on the bum. I couldn’t imagine pouring soap into a child I loves mouth. Seems to go against any mothering instinct I have. I do believe is discipline when necessary but using you size and power to terrify or hurt you child is wrong. All that teaches is its better to assault someone than to swear. I was disciplined with a belt, wooden spoon etc and respect my parents for how they raised me. However they never punched me or poured potentially harmful liquid into my mouth…..

  100. Rachel Icanfeelthe Beet said:

    It’s like in England some parents put a spoon of salt in their child’s mouth as they had it done to them as kids and he died of a sodium overdose. These weren’t dumb people either they were in very professional jobs I even think one was a teacher.

  101. Rachel Icanfeelthe Beet said:

    Shannon Murphy do you have children? Just wanted an insight not disagreeing with you. I agree with your post except I think a slap on the hand or bottom is not too far when it comes to discipline. I was given the belt, wooden spoon etc and don’t resent my parents for it as I respected them and made me choose better choices than a lot of my peers. However I haven’t used any of that on my son and wouldn’t dare put soap or anything like that in his mouth if he swore or was naughty. I think it’s abuse. So I’m kinda in the middle lol.

  102. Shauna Faye Broughton said:

    Lol actually I wasn’t talking about my kid dumbass…I was talking about anyone that had anything to say about how I discipline my children…if they ain’t bruised or bleeding nobody has a right to stick their nose into. Obviously you read that completely wrong. Read that again there sweetheart.

  103. Shauna Faye Broughton said:

    And as far as soap in the mouth when your kid is setting there cursing you or being completely disrespectful with the way they are talking to you and that is all that will work seeing as how a talking to didn’t work the first time…yes I agree with it. So there for I never said anything about punching my child. It was people like you I was talking about. The kind of people that just don’t mind their own.

  104. Shannon Nicole LeVine said:

    I just can’t believe that people are cool with this. mark my word that kid will have cancer. and even with the whole “oh we had that done to us were fine” like you had a BAR of soap put in your mouth. you didn’t EAT highly concentrated chemicals. like grow a brain.

  105. Laura Hilton said:

    No my 2 children do not mouth of and im always complimented on how well behaved and polite and well mannered they are.and they do not get smacked or anything like soap in the mouth! They get punishments but ive never needed to do anything like this.

  106. Kayla Milton said:

    Seriously? Judging someone because of a piercing? And judging their parenting over it? Some people actually allow their children to express themselves, and do not judge them if they would like to experiment with a piercing. My son wanted his one ear lobe pierced, and I was supposed to be little him and not allow him to express his individuality that way?

    Everyone parents differently, and unless the child is being mentally, physically or physiologically abused it is no ones place to judge on how some one parents, and to rip into other parents about how they choose to parent, is showing your child it is okay to be hurtful, judgemental and how to be a bully, so who here really has the parenting problem?

  107. Amanda Marie Nichols said:

    People are to paranoid these days…not defending this type of punishment, however kids need concequesnces and I’ve seen many kids without concequesnces and they end up having no respect for anyone and thinking that rules don’t apply to them because mommy and daddy will take care of it. In proud with how my parents raised me. Some punishments were just like this. I think parents are more concerned with being their kids friend then their parent. Just my opinion.

  108. Shauna Faye Broughton said:

    I do lead by example. Don’t start no$#%&!@*don’t take no$#%&!@* Do you even have children? If you don’t please$#%&!@*off. And if you do still$#%&!@*off and parent your way and stop judging others for the way they do it. What works for one doesn’t work for the other. And just maybe if more parents would lead showing their children they don’t take$#%&!@*from anyone just maybe kids now days would defend themselves instead of letting a brat$#%&!@*bully walk all over them. So lead by example….or not frankly…my dear….I don’t give a damn.

  109. Jennifer Mccoll said:

    I never see like that before I had 4 kids I never put any soaps in my three older kids mouth if they swear bad words I tel them off and put them on naughty step that seemed work for me and that soap thing is really cruelty to do that really that disgusting

  110. Courtney Conn said:

    Lol good idea maybe some of you should do this to your kids so they don’t grow up to be$#%&!@*holes. I had to hold a bar of soap in my mouth when I was young and I never say a inappropriate word around my parents or elders nor do I talk back to them. I got my as wooped when I did something wrong and I grew up with respect the problem with all the kids now a days is parents spoil them rotten and let them get away with everything. I would never squirt soap in my child’s mouth but I would use bar soap though. Parents need to start giving their kids swats on the butt and put them in time out or even make them do yard work clean the house take away phones and Internet etc when they act up the parents are the boss not the child and they need to know that or they turn into all the kids running around now.

  111. Ellise Huggins said:

    This was years ago lol supernanny she was getting help as she knew she needed it!! I would never dream of doing that to my son but some people dont know any diffrent !!

  112. Trishh James Franco said:

    It happened when I was a kid it’ll happen again. It’s not gonna hurt the kid, if you’re smart. He hadn’t ear ring oh no. Maybe he’s old enough to ask for what he wants. It’s not like she’s slapping him she’s trying to take a lesson that was probably used on her and trying to do it with her son. Just too bad the Internet is a the most unbelievable place in the world haha

  113. Emily Seabrook said:

    Eating soap is a little too far but washing their mouth with soap is probably fine. I got my mouth washed with soap as a kid!
    And just FYI, most toothpaste is just as toxic as hand soap. That’s why people should use soap and toothpaste with natural ingredients.

  114. Leigh Mavis Coppersthwaite said:

    I got the washing up liquid treatment as a kid. Could never do it to my guys though!! I’m not so harsh, if you teach your children right from wrong in the first place you wouldn’t need to take such measures xx

  115. Carrie-anne O'neill said:

    I had my mouth washed out with soap when I swar at my dad and it worked coz I didn’t do it again till I was about 16 and got wound up with him I was about 7 wen I did the first time

  116. Megan Lee said:

    I had my mouth washed out with soap once when I swore never done me any harm and I never done it again…! They wonder why the generation of kids have not one bits of respect God when I was a kid a bit of soap and a slapped as never hurt no one now it’s all child abuse and neglect this society need to get a grip…!

  117. Jessi E. Lucas said:

    Liquid soap is pretty nasty. My sister did that to me once. Horrible…
    The bar of soap though I definitely got as a kid.its not abuse. Relax.

  118. Kimberley Marshall said:

    Obviously it’s to teach them a lesson, but so does putting them in a corner for 5 minutes, or taking away a favourite toy. What she did could poison her child! So old fashioned.

  119. Rebeca Montero said:

    I really think this is worst than a slap. I would rather give my son a gentle slap in the bum that put something like soap that can poison him

  120. Angel Westfall said:

    I agree with that. As long as they aren’t badmouthing to be a brat on purpose there’s no point. My mom used a toothbrush on a bar of soap and made us brush our teeth. Not enough soap to cause harm, just enough to taste it every time we brush our teeth for a few days.

  121. Melissa Brown said:

    People keep saying it never did them any harm. ..bet our soap had less harmful chemicals in. Johnsons and Johnsons is linked it cancer i hear. 20 year from now kids suing parents for throat cancer. Just saying use some eye stinging old fashioned yak smelling soap.

  122. Stephanie Thornton said:

    Ive done that to a couple of my kids. Only ever needed to do it the once! Tiny, tiny amount and told them ‘it’s to wash the rudeness out’ and then sent them straight away to rinse it out their mouths.
    Sometimes a shock tactic like that is needed. But it really does depend on the child and situation.
    I wouldn’t agree anyone should do it regularly to their kids though!!!!
    And for those ppl outraged by it, because of chemicals and possible links to cancer etc, how many things in society are now? And we will discover more as times go on. Nothing is truly safe.

  123. Emma Craven said:

    I’m not sure about this 1 nowadays it’s defiantly frowned upon but as a kid this would have been punishment for swearing but I never did so the threat worked! I would prob maybe think about the fact there maybe harmful stuff in it though lol

  124. Eloise Maloney said:

    Really… Well your putting soap in a child’s mouth!! How is that right?? It’s can make a child seriously ill!! Isn’t that abuse!! Your not allowed to hit your kids but you can make them eat chemicals…. If your husband works for a social services and yet he laughed?? then no wonder most social services are crap and so much bad is happening to kids!!

  125. Hanna Claire Furnival said:

    Surely there are plenty of ways to discipline a child without having to put soap in their mouth? I’d never dream of doing that to my son I find that horrendous & a little bit drastic, I do time out & that’s the best thing that works for my child. Everyone parents differently of course & each to their own, that’s just my personal opinion.

  126. Stacey Harvey said:

    I done this to my eldest she said a bad word so I put soap in her mouth she’s never ever said them words again..I Deffo agree with u some parents are to scared of doing a harsh punishment..don’t get me wrong other punishment do work for some but not for all children x

  127. Meagan Brianne Warren said:

    Chill out, girl. Yes your child can get sick from eating a bar of soap or a handful of the luqid soap but a little taste will not hurt anyone. That’s a form of punishment. Its not abuse. Why would you want to waste child service’s time on something so small when there are people out there physically and verbally abusing children. And worse! I don’t think they should have to deal with parents putting a little bit of soap in a child’s mouth to teach them how they should speak. And its a natural reaction to spit the soap out anyways so it’s not like they are swallowing a bunch of chemicals. Its really not that big of a deal. I never ever would do that to my children just because of some of the stuff I went through as a child has shown me other ways to deal with the problem but I’m not gonna bash other people for the way they choose to parent unless they are hurting their child on a deeper level.

  128. Kara Maslin said:

    Having been a victim of being made to eat bars of soap when I was younger even when I did nothing wrong ? This is absolutely disgusting, never would I do this to my child , so what if ” it didn’t do you any harm” it is still wrong on so many levels , want to teach respect to your children then fine but that’s not the way to do it , they will grow up resenting you for it

  129. Valerie Ann Kurosaki said:

    My parents did this to me when I swore…or a bar of soap but they only did it when I swore and I didn’t stop when they told me to that was the only time they did it

  130. Jennifer Diaz said:

    Calm down people, child abuse really? It’s seriously just soap and it’s obviously being done to teach a lesson. Like kids haven’t ate something they weren’t supposed to before (dirt, shampoo, toothpaste etc).

  131. Toni Swanson said:

    I watched this episode of Super Nanny – wow didn’t the Nanny give her grief
    Definitely don’t agree with it!!
    Although when I swore when I was a kid I had the block of soap on my tongue for a few moments but that’s it