(Video) The Coolest Gadget Ever!

light bulb

Wow, a new gadget for the family, or could it be the coolest gadget ever?

(or for all you smartphone enthusiasts)

Sony has released a new energy-efficient Led light bulb which doubles up as bluetooth speaker.

It was originally released in Japan on May the 23rd.

I first checked this out over at a really cool site called Gizmodo.

The principle idea behind it all is that by using your smartphone app you can control the brightness of the bulb and also the volume of the speaker (which is fitted inside the bulb)

Imagine being able to play music and have a surround-sound experience from all around the house via your bulb? Depending on if you had these bulbs fitted in each room of the house. From the bedroom to the dinning room table! The possibilities are endless, however the price tag is expected to be around the $200 dollar mark.

Check out this amazing Led bulb speaker in the video below, and let me know what you think.

According to gizmodo.com and Jamie Condliffe's excellent article

It also comes with a dedicated remote control which can be paired using NFC. Sony claims that it allows you to play music where in the past it’s been difficult to install speakers. If anyone’s ever tried to install speakers directly into a light fitting, do speak up.

You can read up on Jamie's informative article over at gizmodo.com and check out all the latest pics!


Source Sony's press shot/top of page courtesy from theverge.com