(Video) How To Make Authentic Pad Thai

How To Make Authentic Pad Thai

This is a fresh look at Thai Food with an educational approach.

I love making real Pad Thai at home, a stir fry like no other! And with your choice of seafood, chicken or beef , you can make this really tasty!

Here's a little fact about Pad Thai that I didn't know(until now)…

Pad Thai is listed at number 5 on the World's 50 most delicious foods readers' poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011. Another great reason to give it a try.

Stir fry

Main ingredients of a Pad Thai are as follows;

Dried rice noodles, eggs, tofu, dried or fresh shrimp, garlic or tamarind pulp, fish sauce, shallots, red chili pepper, palm sugar, lime, peanuts.

We often use seafood but there are many variations of Pad Thai, and the photo above is of a Vegetarian style Pad Thai. With Vegetarian versions like this you may substitute soy sauce for the fish sauce and omit the shrimp.



This version of Pad Thai has beef in it!


On the next page you can view an awesome video of Hot Thai kitchen. The video is on how to make an authentic Pad Thai. Anyone can make it! It is an easy to follow, step by step guide on how to make Pad Thai, which is super yummy!


How To Make Authentic Pad Thai


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