(Video) Awesome DIY Gift Ideas

I am always on the look out for Awesome DIY gift ideas.

Why? Because what a better way than to DIY, and make it yourself. It's the thought that counts, right?

And usually DIY can be an affordable option!

Plus, making your own DIY gift can be a totally awesome and fun thing to do,  and it can also reflect on how special the receiver is to you because of the time and effort, and love spent on making your gifts. That's priceless!

So this time around, don't settle for gifts bought in the store, when you can give that someone special, these one of a kind DIY presents. Check out this cool video for further ideas and details.

I really thought the Kitkat gift was totally awesome.

It goes in to more specific details on how to make these totally cool gifts options. Good luck. Let me know if you try this one at home. Post your comments below.