These Kids Don’t Know How To Use A Walkman

These Kids Don't Know How To Use A Walkman


These two kids know nothing about old technology from the 80's and 90's. They have been raised in a new modern era of technological advancement where you just press a button to play, and pretty much let your device, apple or tablet do the rest. Downloading digital music has never been any easier.

But what about the old Walkman, and using cassettes?? Do you think kids know what to do with them?

Well these two kids certainly have no idea. The problem soon arises when one of the boys tries  to insert the cassette into the Walkman, like as if he was sliding a credit card, before questioning his ability, and searching for help.

I had to laugh. I was showing my kids an old Walkman from the garage the other day, and they were so spell-bounded by it, and wanted to know how it was supposed to work.

Watch this confused looking kid who tries to work out how to operate the old Walkman….

Play to view…



Did you ever own a Walkman? It's amazing how technology has moved on, all at the press of a button!

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