The 3-Second Pause That Can Save A Morning & Spare Parents Pain

The 3-Second Pause That Can Save A Morning & Spare Parents Pain

A lot of parents can over-react. An overreaction to a ‘family situation' can happen anytime, or anywhere.

Most of us have been guilty of it more than we care to admit.

Perhaps it's just the pressure of everyday society making the intensity of our overreactions vary depending on each (impending) crisis we find ourselves in…

There are those moments too when some parents can overreact hysterically because of their children's conduct, perhaps even over a minor infraction, which needlessly turns into something more major than it ought to be.


When it comes to parenting, perfection is an unrealistic goal. As much as we would all like to be emotionally attuned and sensitive to our children 100 percent of the time, even the best parents are prone to losing control and overreacting in times of stress. Many of us have witnessed or experienced the scene of a stressed out dad losing it with his child when she starts throwing a fit over a candy bar in the supermarket.

Or we’ve seen the mom dragging her reluctant child into a quiet corner of a restaurant to scold him over his poor manners. In these scenarios, parents can feel like the victims of their children. They may feel judged by onlookers or trapped by their public surroundings, and what do they do? They snap! They say things they wouldn’t normally say, act ways of which they don’t approve and wind up hurting themselves and their child in the process.

Despite having the best intentions, every parent can recall a time when their frustration levels went through the roof, and their emotional responses to their children were not appropriate to the situation.



As parents we sometimes  forget to realize that our children are bound to make mistakes no matter what, simply because it is part of the learning process, and mistakes are just part of childhood.

Being able to teach them by showing patience and calmness can be a bit of a quest, but a quest (and a good principle) worth pursuing!! That's why I enjoyed the following article on the next page, called

The 3-second pause that can save a morning and spare some pain.



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The 3-Second Pause That Can Save a Morning & Spare Parents Pain

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