(Video) The Expanding Pot That Grows With Your Plant

The Expanding Pot That Grows With Your Plant

Imagine having an expanding  pot that grows with your plant.

There would be no need to remove the plant and place it into a larger pot, right?

Designed  by the London-based duo at Studio Ayaskan,

The studio aims to make plant pots more sustainable than ever.

This new garden pot innovation is inspired by the Japanese concept of origami.


Currently Studio Ayaskan is working on manufacturing the pot. For more information about this fabulous new product check out their really awesome website http://www.ayaskan.com/

Shape-Shifting ‘Origami’ Pots That Grow Together With Your Plants
This innovative pot design inspired by the Japanese art of origami, grows together with your plant, check out the video below to view…



Thanks for reading, and let us know if you do get to try one of these out!


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