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(Video) When Mom’s Not Home

(Video) When Mom’s Not Home

 (Video) When Mom’s Not Home What might dad and son be getting up to when mom’s not home? Check out this jazzy duo, and don’t be surprised if you see more of them in the future. At any rate, they’re very creative! This video was taken on the Today show and is just hilarious! The

(Video) Little Girl Ranting On Is So Funny!

(Video) Little Girl Ranting On Is So Funny!   This adorable video of a little girl ranting on is so funny!  It’s certainly gone viral on facebook, and there’s no denying why. Her name is Saige and she is obviously angry with her little brother who has just thrown dirt at her, and then she

(Video) Adorable Little Prankster Catches Dad Out

Adorable Little Prankster Catches Dad Out An adorable little prankster catches dad out by running to the closet door and hiding.Having already set up her hidden camera she prepares to give her dad a right old scare! Dad was obviously in a hurry and getting ready to go out, and with his mind elsewhere, and

(Video) Difference Between LA Kids & New York Kids

Difference between LA Kids & New York Kids Virtually every country in the world has two rival cities (at least) so I guess this question had to be asked at some point. Kids in Los Angeles and New York were asked what they thought of each other and, the answers while being up front and

(Videos) Who Ate All The Cupcakes?

(Videos) Who Ate All The Cupcakes Who ate all the cupcakes? When you start detecting, and searching for the truth, sometimes the evidence is staring right back at you. In this funny video one Dad questions his son Jack on if he’s had a cupcake. The following dialogue takes place… Can you relate to this?

(Video) Watch These Hilarious Kids At The Aquarium

Watch These Hilarious Kids At The Aquarium   Going to the aquarium can be a great opportunity for kids of all ages to interact. It’s educational, and it helps infants to enhance their vocabulary skills.  It’s visually stimulating and offers kids the power to learn directly through experience, and interactions. For children, it is another

Adorably Confused Baby

Adorably Confused Baby There are times in life when we get confused about something. We either can’t believe what we heard, or what we saw….??? This short and cute video is one of the those moments when this adorably confused baby looks more than puzzled, as he tries to figure out what’s going on?