More Fascinating Facts About Toddlers

More Fascinating Facts About Toddlers

Motherhood is full on when you have a baby. It's like a little bit of everything. One day it can be difficult and tiring, fierce, and hard, but very much worthwhile and enjoyable.

Then your baby gets to the toddler stage! And this is when learning seems to explode for them!

It is a powerful mix of ‘brilliance' combined with the ‘ordinary' all at the same time.

Our Toddlers are curious beings and their curiosity levels seem to go into overdrive, there's a sudden thirst for knowledge and their bodies are changing, and growing fast.

Here are some MORE fascinating fun facts about toddlers that might surprise you:


A 3-Year-Old Child's Voice Can Be Louder Than 200 Adults In A Crowded Restaurant?

Have you ever wondered why a toddlers scream is so much more piercing than that of an adults?

Little kids will breath from there stomach, and so it gives them more air in their lungs. When we breathe (ages 6-100) we use our lungs, every time you take a breath your shoulders rise,that's you using your lungs, but breathe out with your stomach like you're gasping and that's when you're getting more air in your lungs and you can sing, and yell and even talk louder!



On Average, A 4-Year-Old Child Asks About 390 Questions A Day


According to a study done Source:Telegraph

Research shows mothers are the most quizzed people by toddlers and on subjects far and wide.

The study also revealed that girls aged four are the most curious, asking an incredible 390 questions per day – averaging a question every 1 minute 56 seconds of their waking day.

The report was done by an online retailer as they were attempting to look at a typical day with the kids at home.

I guess it sounds plausible, and a question asked by a toddler could be constructed in a simpler form such as ‘why, why ,why…????' a hundred times!



Watching Television Can Act As A Natural Painkiller For Children

This was reported by the BBC in 2006

A University of Siena team studied the level of pain reported by 69 children aged between seven and 12 as they gave blood samples.

Some were distracted by their mothers during the procedure, some had no distraction and some watched cartoons.

Those who watched TV reported least pain, the study – published in Archives of Disease in Childhood

I imagine that this distraction is very real and plausible, and some kids do appear hypnotically engaged  just by watching their favorite TV program, that any pain they were feeling would be secondary.



Children Under The Age Of Six Are At The Greatest Risk For Crushing Or Burning Injuries Of The Hand

Source Handsurgery

Unfortunately it's not a fact to be proud of! Kids can be accident prone, and these types of accidents are all too common.

Bones are still forming, and they are more fragile at this stage. Plus Toddlers are not at that stage of adequately evaluating certain risks.

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More Fascinating Facts About Toddlers


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