Mom Sentenced After Beating Child For This Unbelievable Reason

Mom Sentenced After Beating Child For This Unbelievable Reason


One parent has certainly caused an outrage in China after beating up her son for not doing his homework. Of course there was a lot of outrage in China because of the incident, and the photos that were released of the distressed boy.






Social media kicked up a storms of protests after photos of the boy circled from above.

The telegraph reported the following;

A woman has been sentenced to six months in prison after being found guilty of deliberately injuring her nine-year-old adopted son.

The mother, referred to only as Li in local media reports, confessed to beating the child with a skipping rope and back scratcher because he “didn’t finish his homework and told lies.”

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Fortunately the mom will have to do her time behind bars for a while, hopefully it will be enough time for her to calm down. She told the a packed courtroom that she's not a bad mom but she didn't like her adopted son telling lies.

Whatever excuse she makes, no excuse can justify beating a child up!



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Images from Chinese social network Weibo by user chaotingbanrixian

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