Married In Brussels While Armed Soldiers Look On

 Married In Brussels While Armed Soldiers Look On


The lovely image was taken by Joris Marseille, who is a Dutch Photographer.

The newly-weds pictured here decided to get married in Brussels while armed soldiers look on.

The couple decided to carry on with their plans of getting married despite the threat of Islamic terrorists lurking around their beautiful city, and a midst an imminent terror threat.

A Belgium army operation designed to flush out these extremists has had most citizens of Brussels staying at home the last few days while the city continues to remain in lock-down.

A moment of love like this however still needs to be celebrated, and while in the face of adversity and with armed soldiers looking on, the couple embraced their special moment together.

This photograph shows the new husband holding an umbrella and his wife poses with her bright bouquet. This lovely photograph has been re tweeted so many times. Congratulations to the lovely couple.



His tweet was retweeted over 700 times and another 1,000 times in Dutch with the couple showing defiance of the lockdown





This photo was taken by Joris Marseille who watched the proud couple tie the knot.

Despite the quietness of an empty city around them, and in a moment that appears to be all too surreal, life goes on.


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