How To Use The Naughty Chair Correctly-Positive Discipline

How To Use The Naughty Chair Correctly-Positive Discipline


Dealing with difficult children and using the naughty chair correctly is an important process to learn.

Firstly the naughty step technique does work! Don't be fooled into thinking it doesn't. It does.

The whole technique for disciplining this way is understanding the steps you need to follow towards making resolving the conflict between you and your child.

In short it is important to give your child a warning (in a firm voice)

Take the child to a designated chair, bench or step and explain why they are in a time out.

Walk away and set a timer for one minute per year of age. If they move away from the discipline area, you place them back in the same space without communication.

Repeat the process. In the beginning it may take some time because your child may not like the idea of staying in one position.

Once the child completes her time in the naughty chair and has apologized, it is important to follow up with hugs and kisses so that the child recognizes that your discipline action has no bearing on your love for them.

Follow these steps & If you have to repeat the process, so so.
1. Warning
2. Take time out and explain why they are in time out
3. Set a timer for 3 minutes and walk away
4. Explain for a second time
5. Apologies
6. Hugs and Kisses

On the next page is an awesome video with Supernanny as she teaches the Minyon family how to use the Naughty step correctly. Watch how mom gets really upset and struggles to cope with her daughters tears, as Supernanny coaches her through the steps and guides her where she's been going wrong in the past.


How To Use The Naughty Chair Correctly-Positive Discipline


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