How To Make Classic Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

How To Make Classic Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are so delicious, and yummy. Clean, simple and easy to make, fresh spring rolls are also very healthy for you too. (There are two types of spring rolls that are popular in Vietnamese cuisine, fresh, and fried)

Charles Phan, Chef and author of The Slanted Door, shares with us his famous Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll dish and he shows us how to make them. It's one of the most popular appetizers he serves in his restaurant in Los Angeles, and he typically serves about 80,000 of them each year. That is so many!

We tend to make them at home a lot for the kids, and Incredibly it takes very little time to prepare these. You don't have to fry them. All you need to do is dip the rice paper into hot water to make them soft, then add your filling. Done!

Step 1   Soften rice paper in hot water until soft

Step 2  Traditional Ingredients used lettuce, Aoli, Mint, Noodles, Shrimp, Pork

Step 3  Roll them up

Step 4. Cut them up

Step 5 Serve with a creamy peanut sauce



We have made similar versions to this dish, and have also added our own favorite fillings to them (using rice paper) with just as much success!

Our kids love them, and they enjoy making them with us too! They're also great a healthy snack!



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