How Can My Child Respond To Haters And Trolls

How Can My Child Respond To Haters And Trolls

What happens when your child gets trolled? When your son asks you the question “Why could someone say that?”

“How could he be so terrible?”

Here's some explanations on trolls, and how to talk to your kids about them.


Trolling and hating is a form of cyber-bullying.

This kind of behavior on social media is unacceptable, and our kids shouldn't blame him or herself for what is happening.

The Modern Parent Blog wrote a very nice piece on this, when this mom had to explain to her son about trolls and what kind of people they might be.

She explained the following,


…here’s what I told my son when he asked me why someone would do that.

This person is in a world of pain themselves. That is my only explanation. We have to find it in our hearts to feel for this person. I asked my son if he could ever imagine himself writing anything like that. He said never ever could he imagine having to stoop so low. ‘That is why you are the lucky one here.” I told him.  “Because you don’t know what it feels like to be so desperate for something…love, attention, whatever it is, you can’t even put yourself in this persons shoes. And for now that’s a good thing. Be grateful that is not you. Be thankful for all the wonderful friends and support you do have. It is in no way acceptable behavior. But somehow find it in your heart to understand the pain that someone must be in themselves, to do as this person has done”.

I also told him to prepare to see these sorts of comments again and again. Because there will always be people who are hurting.

You can’t win an argument with a troll…
To read the full article click on the link here
I thought that was very useful advice, and a great way to explain to your child about trolls.
 Here are some other useful ways when talking to your kids about trolls!


Talk it out

It's important to talk about why these people act this way, just as the mom did with her son on modernparent
Most cases trolls do it often for attention, and they know they can get away with it.


Understand the comments for what they are

Get your kids to understand that the comments say more about the troll, than they do about your kid.


Your kid may need someone to talk to if the negativity has made an impact on his or her well-being.

What do you think? We'd love to hear your comments. Have you ever found your child in a situation like this?


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