(Video) Get Healthy With These Desserts

Get Healthy With These Desserts

Who doesn't like desserts? Get healthy with these desserts.

I think these treats are worth indulging in, even when it's not summer!

Okay so a little bit about the host of the video which is called Get healthy With Me, Tess likes to focus on workouts regimes as well, and of course healthy eating. Her videos are essentially concentrated on the concept of healthy living….and what you put into your body!

This video however is on desserts.  Our family loves desserts!  Desserts can be made with less fattening ingredients, but still turn out yummy! These ones are utterly delicious!

The one recipe I enjoyed the most on this video was the Chocolate Cookie Popsicle-simply a treat, but one most deserving!

Actually this one is gluten free, vegan free, and refined sugar free.(See what I mean about less fattening ingredients?)

The actual ingredients you'll need to make these tasty treats are as follows; –coconut milk, almond milk, unrefined coconut sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate chips (gluten free and dairy, nut, soy free)

Make sure you have some Popsicle molds handy too!

Watch the video below for the simple easy and step by step instructions, and Tess will explain the necessary measurements required…

Let me know how you got with these desserts if you try them at home will ya?



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