Fascinating Fun Facts About Toddlers

Fascinating Fun Facts About Toddlers


When your baby reaches the toddler stage, learning seems to explode.

Our Toddlers are curious beings and their curiosity levels seem to go into overdrive, then there's a sudden thirst for knowledge and their bodies are changing, and growing fast.

I never realized how much so,

How many of these facts about toddlers can you relate to?


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  1. Elaine Bailey said:

    I worked as a Nanny for many years. One mother became upset when her baby called me mumma. I explained that he wasn’t calling me ‘mum’ as we know it, it was just a sound (babble) that most babies say when they learn to speak.

  2. Kayleigh Devine said:

    I think the potty training thing is more likely due to using washable nappies, as they’d feel wet, rather than permissive parenting xx

  3. Beth Bear said:

    Somewhat. Also I think because babies aren’t ever taken out of nappies before about age 2. My 3rd and 4th babes were frequently nappy free from 6 months onwards and 3rd was dry by 15 months and 4th by just after his 2nd birthday. By contrast, 1st and 2nd didn’t spend much time nappy free and weren’t anywhere near toilet trained by age 3! Mixture of cloth and disposable for each, except 2nd who has horrific nappy rash with the cloths 🙂

  4. Gemma Grafton said:

    I’ve been trying with my daughter for god knows how long and she still pees everywhere even though I tell her to tell me when she needs the toilet I think it’s quite hard well it is with my daughter lol