2 Classic Italian Dessert Tiramisu Recipes

2 Classic Italian Dessert Tiramisu Recipes


These two classic recipes of how to make the classic Italian dessert Tiramisu recipes are my favorites. They prove to be such a popular hit with our dinner guests and they're easy to make.

The first recipe is perhaps the more classical and traditional of the two


The Ingredients you'll need are

  • 500 grams mascarpone cheese
  • 5 very fresh eggs
  • 120 grams sugar
  • enough savoiardi ( lady fingers ) cookies to cover your pan twice plus a few extra just to be safe ( it took about 18 cookies to make one layer in the video )
  • enough espresso (not too strong) to quickly dip your cookies in ( about 3 cups in our case )
  • a couple spoons of sugar for the espresso
  • a shot of Baileys (or flavoring of your choice / or feel free to leave the alcohol out all together if you prefer)
  • vanilla
  • and enough cocoa powder and chocolate shavings to sprinkle and decorate.


This is a very delicious and classical Italian recipe by none other than Italian Chef Tony who takes you through each stage…

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For more information on this tasty treat don't forget to visit Chef Tony's website here http://askcheftony.wordpress.com



The SECOND RECIPE (and version) of Tiramisu we have is on the next page. I had to add it because it is one of the best Tiramisus I have made, yet it is little unconventional because this next recipe of Tiramisu leaves out the egg white and instead uses whipped cream. But I've got to tell you I was still impressed with this one, and you'll see why in a minute…

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2 Classic Italian Dessert Tiramisu Recipes


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