(Breakfast) Two Classic Potato Recipes

Two Classic Potato Recipes


The classic, all-American, ‘diner'-style breakfast can have hash browns on the plate or Potato Hash

So here are two classic potato recipes to try. I'm sure you'll love them both! So how do you make hash browns?

My kids love me cooking hash browns for breakfast. It's a tasty treat, and one we typically reserve for the weekends.

So here it is, the first recipe is really an easy dish to prepare and cook.


The Traditional Hash Brown

If you're going to make traditional hash browns you will need the following;

The main ingredient for any hash brown recipe are:

2 large potatoes, shredded

1/2 to 1 onion, and finely chopped

1/4 cup of all-purpose flour

1 egg

1 cup of oil for frying

salt and pepper.

(I usually add some thyme for some flavor here too but this part is purely optional)

Then add the ingredients together.

The great thing about making hash browns is that it is a versatile dish, meaning that you can really add many other flavors together such as cheese and onions, and it would still be very tasty.

The first video however focuses on the more traditional Hash Brown, and one which is also super crispy




Play to view the recipe and instructions on how to prepare this easy dish…



Below is a picture of some traditional shredded hash browns, cooked in the very crispy way!




The Second Classic Recipe is also very yummy and is a spin off from  ‘classic American diner food'

Simply called Potato Hash With Sausage Meat

 Check out this delicious meat & potato hash combined together with seasoning. With this recipe I've even added it chili to the mix!  Check it out the following page to see how it's made!


(Breakfast) Two Classic Potato Recipes

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