Boy Racks Up Massive Bill On Ipad Game, Angers Parent

Boy Racks Up Massive Bill On Ipad Game, Angers Parent


Mohamed Shugaa’s seven-year-old son Faisall racked up $5,767.55 worth of charges on in-app purchases through the game, Jurassic World, of which he used to upgrade dinosaurs and purchase new characters, not realizing he was spending his father's money.

Shugaa owns a store and became aware of the charges when he tried to make a purchase from a supplier but was unable to do so. Upon calling his bank he learned of 65 transactions made to Apple between Dec. 13 and Dec. 18. Apparently his son not only knew the password to get onto the iPad itself, but also had memorized his father’s password – a surprise to his dad – and therefore was able to buy anything he damn well pleased.

While the story might have ended there with some commentary on how we all need to keep a closer eye on what our kids are doing on their iThings, the real story is how much anger Shugaa became at Apple.

Immediately Mr Shugaa called Apple Support demanding a refund and was told he was on a priority list, but Apple told him there was no guarantee he'd get his money back.

The father of two pleaded with Apple, telling them he needed the money to buy Christmas gifts for his children.

He told the Daily Mail the following;

‘I said to him it's before Christmas and I need to get money for Christmas. $5,500 dollars before Christmas is a lot of money.

‘My son was just playing game. He didn't know he was spending money. He's seven years of age. At seven you don't know the value money

‘What are they going to do? Take my son to court?' Mr Shugaa said.

Apple finally agreed to refund Mr Shugaa for the charges Faisall made on the Jurassic World game, but told him it could take up to ten business days.

‘$5,767.55  is just a drop in the ocean to Apple. If they have proper finance team surely they can refund it to my account,' Mr Shugaa said.

He claimed that it would have taken his son Faisall 15 years to pay off the total bill – if Apple hadn't agreed to refund the cash.

He said: ‘I've banned Faisall from using the iPad for the time being.

Mohamed said that his 7 year old son still doesn't have a concept of real money, but he was very sorry for what he had done'

Mohamed said that Faisall still had a ‘happy Christmas' despite the huge bill – and his top present was a state-of-the-art go-kart!

‘It didn't ruin Christmas as I had bought all the presents before the bill came in, so in the end it was alright – despite a big shock when the bill came in,' Mr Shugaa said.

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Mr Shugaa isn't the first parent to be outraged by iTunes lackadaisical charging policy, and with technology changing all the time it can be hard for some parents to keep up with it all.

Read what Apple says about these type of events on the next page and how to prevent them…plus a very useful video on how to set up child restrictions on an Ipad or device


Boy Racks Up Massive Bill On Ipad Game, Angers Parent

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