9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children

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9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children


The fifth most parenting tip is;



When Parents Are Less Stressed

I thought this was interesting, and at the same time very true!

According to new research cited by Brigid Schulte at The Washington Post

The post reported the following;

The number of hours that moms spend with kids between ages 3 and 11 does very little to predict the child's behavior, well-being, or achievement. What's more, the “intensive mothering” or “helicopter parenting” approach can backfire.

“Mothers' stress, especially when mothers are stressed because of the juggling with work and trying to find time with kids, that may actually be affecting their kids poorly,” reported study co-author and Bowling Green State University sociologist Kei Nomaguchi

Emotional contagion — or the psychological phenomenon where people “catch” feelings from one another like they would a cold — helps explain why. Research shows that if your friend is happy, that brightness will infect you; if she's sad, that gloominess will transfer as well. So if a parent is exhausted or frustrated, that emotional state could transfer to the kids.

I guess, AT THE END OF THE DAY if we can all be a little less stressed in the home place, it may have a more resounding affect upon us all!

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9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children


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