9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children

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9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children



When Parents Teach Their Kids Math Early On

The math skills that parents teach their kids at a young age can build a foundation for future learning endeavors and can be a good indicator of whether or not young people will be able to meet and overcome new challenges as they mature.

Also a 2007 meta-analysis of 35,000 preschoolers across the US, Canada, and England supports the idea that developing math skills early can be a huge advantage for kids.

The study revealed that kids who entered kindergarten with elementary math skills and were able to build on those abilities were also much more likely to experience subsequent academic success, regardless of whether or not they were dealing with social or emotional problems.

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Although math teaching strategies in the classroom have evolved over the decades to give students a greater chance of success, parents can do a great deal to help their children at home by talking about numbers and mathematics.There are a variety of simple math activities that parents can employ to engage their children and prepare them for elementary math. For example, parents of young kids can point out numbers on signs when walking or driving. It's also important to insert numbers into everyday conversations, asking children how many toys they plan on playing with or how many cars are in the driveway.

With parental help, teachers can build on these essential math abilities by introducing children to key mathematical concepts and fostering problem-solving skills at school. Educational videos and adaptive learning programs can also improve the math abilities of students who are growing up in an increasingly digitized world.

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9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children


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