9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children

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9 Most Powerful Parenting Tips For Successful Children



 Moms Work

An interesting study that came out of Harvard Business School discovered a huge benefit for children growing up with mothers who work outside the home.

The study found out that daughters of working moms went off to school longer, and they were also more likely to have a job in a managerial or supervisory position. On top of that, the same daughters were earning more money-over 20 per cent compared to their peers who were raised by stay-at-home-moms

The Harvard research also concluded that sons of working moms also tended to help out more with household chores and childcare.

The study's lead author, Harvard Business School professor Kathleen L. McGinn, told Business Insider.

“There are very few things, that we know of, that have such a clear effect on gender inequality as being raised by a working mother,” she told Working Knowledge.

“Role modeling is a way of signaling what's appropriate in terms of how you behave, what you do, the activities you engage in, and what you believe,” 

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