15 Ways To Offend Your Toddler

15 Ways To Offend Your Toddler

This title could be renamed “a hundred ways to offend your toddler” as I'm sure I could think of nearly a hundred ways to unintentionally upset our toddler…

From laughing one minute, to crying the next. One second he's playing sweetly and then, if his baby sister even taps him, he starts yelling. Don't get me started on what happens if we put the meat too close to the potatoes.

Why so much drama over a little gravy anyway? There are few things that are certain in life, but one thing you can always count on is that toddlers are moody.

How can one deal with those ever-changing toddler emotions?

The majority of these ups and downs are, to put it simply, a very normal part of growing up, and it's important not to mistake them for misbehavior

Toddlers may be demanding, whiny, or less responsive, or frustrated by unmet needs.

It's a totally normal transition for them. The toddler's tolerance to frustration and to “not getting their way”, has a lot to do with the degree to which they feel that life generally flows with, and not against, their needs

I always thought the general rule of thumb of offending someone was to stay away from controversial topics like religion and politics.

Though, it appears with toddlers, it doesn't take that much to get them upset or to offend them….

…in case you haven't had much luck on that front…trust and wait…it does get better!


So consider yourself warned.

You may offend a toddler if you do any of the following: 15 ways to offend your toddler

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15 Ways To Offend Your Toddler

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