10 Ways To Survive The Toddler Stage

10 Ways To Survive The Toddler Stage


Toddlers  have their ups and downs and to put it simply, it's a very normal part of growing up.

It is important not to mistake it for misbehavior. Toddlers will be demanding, whiny, or less responsive, or frustrated by having their needs unmet. Their tolerance to frustration and to “not getting their way”, has a lot to do with the degree to which they feel that life generally flows with, and not against, their needs

Here's 10 ways to survive the toddler years!

According to beauty through imperfection,

She has suggested the following four ideas….



Don’t ever be in a hurry – Because they will always be slow – I’ve learned to add a 10-15 minute time cushion for us every time we leave the house. Inevitably we will need to change a quick diaper, or look for a favorite toy just before leaving the house, if I’ve already planned for 10 minutes of excess time, I don’t get as frustrated when we’re delayed.


Take time to explore the world from their point of view – It can be amazing to pause a moment and see things the way they see them. Realizing how awe-inspiring a spider web is, or enjoying the loudness of a motorcycle or box truck. Toddlers are amazed by things we take for granted every day, it’s a beautiful thing when adults can stop and be amazed right along with them.


Don’t take disobedience personally – Because if you do you will constantly be offended. Toddlers will push their boundaries over and over again. I have often found myself getting offended or assuming that my son was doing things specifically to irritate me, but the truth is he’s not that vindictive. Even when he misbehaves to try to get attention, it’s not an attack on me personally, it’s just a stage and it will end.


Get used to drama – I’ve noticed that teenage girls have nothing on toddler rage. The drama that occurs in our living room every day amazes me. Tears, whimpers, yelling, crying and throwing things. I had no idea that even the most well behaved toddlers could be so incredibly dramatic. It may just be part of the territory, but it’s definitely one of the more terrifying parts in my opinion.

I guess getting used to drama might mean having to accept the ‘situation' for a while, although I did get into the habit of using some ear plugs for awhile. The toddlers' scream is louder than that of an adults'

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Of course having a toddler will challenge you in many,new ways  — ways that require some of the most mature, empathetic, sophisticated, and confident behavior that a human being can muster. As a mom I'm still learning!



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10 Ways To Survive The Toddler Stage


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