10 Delicious Soups To Stock Your Freezer

10 Delicious Soups To Stock Your Freezer


I love making Soups! They're healthy, nutritious and filling. Kids love them too! The other great thing about soups is that you can freeze them. This makes them very practical and cost effective, especially for the colder months that lay ahead.

If you can make a ‘big batch' of soup, and freeze it for sometime later, then you'll be saving not only money but time too!

So which soups are healthy, and which ones can I freeze?

Well all of the ones below are healthy, super easy to make, and ideal to freeze.

These 10 soups are currently our favorites, they're tasty and have plenty of wholesome flavor. They can be served for any time lunch or dinner….



Butternut Squash Soup


Soup1 butternut


Butternut squash soup is yummy, especially this recipe Get the recipe here



White Bean Chicken Chilli


white bean 2


I love this soup! The flavor is just so amazing and it was super easy to make too. My family just adored it, kids too!

This recipe only has five ingredients Get the recipe here



Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup

broth 2

You can make this one from the slow cooker. There's nothing quite like a warm bowl of chicken enchilada soup. It's easy to freeze, and it does not require too much preparation Get the recipe here



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10 Delicious Soups To Stock Your Freezer


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